Answers to the Omnipresent Question – Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

“Why can’t I get pregnant?” has become a common question, as every woman at one time or the other would have asked this question when they fail to become pregnant. Many factors influence pregnancy and have to be carefully considered. Health issues dominate all the other factors because if the couples are healthy, then there are more chances for getting pregnant. Moreover, the lifestyle changes have brought in great amount of stress both in men and women and the latter are affected more. Many working women face this problem as they need to manage both home and the office.

If a woman is not successful month after month in getting pregnant, then the question “why can’t I get pregnant?” naturally comes to her mind. When a woman asks to herself “why can’t I get pregnant?”, then it is evident that she is in great stress and is impatiently figuring out the reason. Though she knows that getting pregnant involves lot of factors, she would definitely have this question. Some of the factors that greatly influence pregnancy include infertility, constant worry, poor health, irregular menstrual cycle and so on.

Given below are the various factors that affect pregnancy:

Stress: To get pregnant you need to be completely relaxed so that your body will work in the natural way. Stress is one of the factors that might secrete hormones that prevent you from getting pregnant. So try to relax your mind and body through Yoga or meditation.

Maternal Age: Now-a-days women wait till they have completed their education and have achieved success in their careers before they get pregnant. This has led to late marriages and advanced maternal age decreases the chances of conceiving. You should know that if you are above the age of 30 then your fertility decreases steadily and beyond this age it is better to consult a doctor.

Paternal Age and health: Men’s fertility plays an important role because if the sperms are not healthy, then the chances of getting pregnant are less. Generally after forty, men’s fertility tends to decrease and the sperms may lose the ability to fertilize the eggs. So if your husband has fertility issues, then you might not be able to get pregnant. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the doctor as early as possible.

Hormonal Problems: Hyper active or Hypoactive thyroid, polycystic ovarian syndrome, progesterone deficiency etc., can all contribute to conception problems. If you have any hormonal issues, then it is better to consult a doctor about the available treatment options.

Caffeine, alcohol and drug consumption: Caffeine or alcohol or drug consumption may directly or indirectly affect pregnancy. If you consume high amounts of coffee then the chances of conceiving is less because the amount of caffeine may interfere with the ability of eggs to implant in to your uterus. So it’s advisable to avoid coffee. Similarly drug and alcohol consumption should be avoided.

Many other factors like type of clothing, low sperm count and other debilitating diseases, have an effect on pregnancy. So instead of asking yourself: “Why can’t I get pregnant?” you can think of ways of getting pregnant. If this is still haunting you, then it is better to consult a doctor right away.

Source by Alan K Cunningham