Auditory Memory Genius – A Quick and Simple Guide

Auditory memory works like magic. Ever noticed how effortless it can be to memorize song lyrics against information on a text? I found this thought when I was tasked to write the lyrics of the national anthem from memory, and I could not do so unless I sing it!

Like other senses, auditory memory works for our body majority of the time while we are awake. If so, it will be very much functional if you use it to better your brain functioning through gaining an improve memory, right?

Starting to be a genius can be easier than you think. Once you have a material with you that you wish to commit to memory, instead of repeatedly rehearsing it by reading, try singing it! The effort you put into reading it and listening to yourself sing it will stimulate your brain to process it as a memory.

Doing so is also a whole of fun, not to mention, it also prepares your body to memorize better. When you capitalize on auditory memory skills, such as singing, your heart rate slows down, aiding you to relax. This is a state you want to be in when you are memorizing because you very well know the trouble stress does to your memory. Furthermore, singing creates a happy feeling, motivating you further to continue with your task.

Practicing your memory skills to be a genius is a must. It does not necessarily mean that you have to be singing all the time though. Take advantage of learning information in mp3 format to further increase your skills!

Source by Taylor Bliss