Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby

Breast milk provides optimal nutrition for babies.

It has the right amount of nutrients, is easily digested and readily available.

However, the rate of breastfeeding is as low as 30% in some groups of women.
While some women are unable to breastfeed, others simply choose not to.

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Here are some science-based benefits of breastfeeding.

1.Breast Milk Provides Ideal Nutrition for Babies.

2.Breast milk is loaded with antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria.

3.Breastfeeding has an impressive list of health benefits. This is particularly true of exclusive breastfeeding, meaning that the infant receives only breast milk.
It may reduce your baby’s risk of many illnesses and diseases.

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4.Breastfeeding promotes healthy weight gain and helps prevent childhood obesity.

5.Mothers Who Breastfeed Have a Lower Risk of Depression.

6.Breastfeeding Helps the Uterus Contract

7.To top the list, breastfeeding is completely free and requires very little effort.

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