Cheap, But Meaningful Things to Do on Valentines

So everyone struggles with Valentine’s Day, well almost everyone. It’s a very overly commercial holiday, and the best way to get away from the hype is to get the bigger message that Valentine’s is supposed to mean.

That is the love for your partner.. There are many ways you can show you love your partner other then saying I love you. Here are a few low-cost suggestions and high meaning tips.

Kiss Differently

Try a new type of kiss, no-not the chocolate. Try kissing differently. One in particular, the upside-down kiss. Get your partner to lie down on their back with their head at your knees, your behind them kneeling, then bend down and kiss them upside down. Yep, it feels totally different, and if they don’t know you are going to do that, then they will really remember that. Do whatever you like with that kiss:)

Write something

Write a poem or words from the heart. This is so much better then words written in a card. Because you wrote them. You are allowed to read others poetry for inspiration, most people usually need something to spark their mind and get into the mindset for creating a perfect piece of love in the form of words. Or make it into your own card.

Cook for your Partner

Do you know the favorite thing your partner loves to eat? If not, find out. Then learn how to cook it, make it from scratch and even if you don’t do it well, learning how to do something for your partner tells them how much you love them. Doing this is absolutely a perfect way to show your a good friend as well.

I personally think, that almost anything that doensn’t cost money is the best present to your partner. It required thought, and money can buy anything but love. So it’s important to express your love without money.

Source by Lisa Hallman

Originally posted 2021-12-14 16:48:18.

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