Christmas Games For Adults That Are Silly, Quiet, Fun and More

Who said Christmas games are only for children? Christmas games are for adults, too, and they don’t have to be serious. After all, adults like to get their game on to relive a few silly childhood moments. Get the holiday fun started with these fun-loving adult Christmas games.

Silly Adult Christmas Games

Does your group look for any excuse to be silly? Why not choose a Christmas game that is based on being silly? Give each team a pair of pantyhose and eight balloons. When the game starts, the team blows up the balloons to stuff into the legs of the hose. To ensure the game is totally fair, the pantyhose should be queen size and the teams of equal number.

The game is finished when someone gets all the balloons in the legs of the pantyhose, puts on the stuffed “antlers” and sings the first verse of the holiday favorite, “Jingle Bells”. When everyone finishes the game, take photos of all your friends wearing funny antlers made of balloons and pantyhose.

Adult Relay Christmas Games

Do your friends enjoy relay games? Why not make your own Santa beard? Put out two oversize bowls filled with cotton balls and a jar of petroleum jelly. Dab petroleum jelly on each team member’s chin. The 2 teams should each have around 5 people. The first player in each line runs to one of the bowls to grab cotton balls and stick them to their greasy chins. When they get as many cotton balls as possible stuck on their chins, the players run to the next player to give them a turn.

When the entire team is wearing a Santa Beard, they are the winners. This is another holiday game that really begs you to take pictures so you can show them off for years to come. Keep water and towels handy to remove the petroleum jelly when the game and photo session is over.

Quiet Christmas Games For Small Groups

Are your friends a small, quiet group who prefer less demonstrative games? Why not pack up a bag for Santa? The game starts when you say, “I packed a bag for Santa Claus and put in some socks.” The next player goes on to say, “I packed a bag for Santa Claus and put in some socks and books.” As each player continues they includes all the listed items and add their own item. When you miss an item on the list, you are out of the game.

Child-Inspired Christmas Games For Adults

Do your friends love to relive their childhoods during Christmas? Why not give your guests a chance to do it at your Christmas party with a fun game that reminds them of a childhood favorite? Make your own Christmas scavenger hunt with search teams of 4 or so. Create lists of items for the teams to return with.

You can keep the search local at your house or within the neighborhood area. Include holiday items in the scavenger hunt such as a red stocking, a sprig of holly and a small wreath. If you decide to extend the scavenger hunt through town, it gets even more exciting. Have your guests purchase a box of holiday themed cereal or take a picture to prove they visited the local Christmas tree. Be creative and make the hunt action-packed. Everyone loves this Christmas game because it reminds them of childhood. It’s a great way to socialize because as everyone works together they get to know each other better.

Adult Kiss Christmas Games

Who doesn’t love chocolate and kisses? Is that why Hershey’s Kisses are such as hit at Christmas? Break your group into two teams with two bowls of Hershey’s Kisses on either side of the room. Give each team a set of really big gloves or mittens. The first person in line runs to the bowls and must unwrap and eat the a Kiss wearing bulky gloves. Once done, the player runs back to tag the next person and give them the gloves. When all team members are the first to enjoy their own Kiss, the group wins.

Source by Mary Jennings