Conduct of clerical recruitment examinations for public sector banks in 13 regional languages ​​including Hindi and English

The Ministry of Finance, Government of India has recommended that both preliminary and main examinations, with reference to clerical recruitments for 12 public sector banks and vacancies advertised, be conducted in 13 regional languages ​​including Hindi and English from now on.

The decision is based on the recommendation of a committee constituted by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India to look into the matter of conducting examinations for clerical cadre in regional languages ​​in public sector banks. The existing process of conducting examinations initiated by IBPS was put on hold till the recommendations of the committee were made available.

The committee worked with the objective of providing a level playing field to the local youth for employment opportunities and greater engagement with the customers through local/regional languages.

This decision to conduct clerical examination in regional languages ​​will also be applicable to upcoming SBI vacancies after the completion of the ongoing recruitment process for the already advertised vacancies.

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