CSC NDUW New Project 2021

Big news for all CSC VLEs, another new service is going to start from the government’s side, CSC NDUW New Project, this is going to be a very big service, in which 40 crore people will be registered. Along with this, an id card will be made, full form of NDUW (National Database of Unorganized Workers) CSC VLE will get a commission of Rs 20 per new registration in CSC NDUW New Project, here you will get complete information about nduw project eshram card

What is NDUW? / What is NDUW?

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is preparing a national database of unorganized workers. The facility of registration of unorganized workers will be on the website. Each UW will be issued an Identity Card which will be a Unique Identification Number. The Unique Identification Number will be of 12 digits. The lag part will be the same as the base

CSC NDUW New Project
CSC NDUW New Project

benefits to unorganized workers

Social security schemes will be implemented by the Ministries/Governments on the basis of this database.
Workers registered under NDUW can take PM Suraksha Bima Yojana. The premium of Rs 12 will be waived off for 1 year.

Why Register in NDUW E Shram?

  • Unorganized workers will get the benefit of social security and welfare schemes
  • This database will greatly help the government in formulating policy and programs for the unorganized workers.
  • Also, to track the migrant labor workforce and provide them more employment

NDUW Eligibility Criteria

Every worker fulfilling the below criteria can apply for registration under NDUW

  • Age should be at least between 16-59 years
  • Should not be an income tax payee (not be an income tax payee)
  • Should not be a member of EPFO ​​and ESIC
  • Must work in unorganized labor categories

NDUW Requirement Document

  1. Mandatory
  2. Mandatory e KYC using Aadhaar Number
  3. OTP
  4. Finger print
  5. IRIS
  6. Active Bank account
  7. Active Mobile Number


  1. Education Certificate
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Occupation Certificate
  4. Skill Certificate
NDUW New Project CSC notification
NDUW New Project CSC notification

CSC NDUW New Project / Role of CSCs

  • Support in the registration of 437 crore unorganized workers across the country
  • Update workers requests in registered UAN
  • NDUW’s advocacy at the local level
  • Register and hand over UAN card to unorganized workers (A4 paper)
  • CSC VLE will get commission of Rs 20 per new registration
  • No amount will be charged for registration from the unorganized workers.

Who are the unorganized workers?

There are 437 crore workers working in the unorganized sector in India.

Some examples of unorganized workers:

⦁ Small and Marginal Farmers
⦁ Agricultural laborers
⦁ Share croppers
⦁ Fishermen
⦁ Those engaged in animal husbandry
⦁ Beedi rolling
⦁ Labelling and packing
⦁ building and construction workers
⦁ leather workers
⦁ weavers
⦁ Carpenter
⦁ salt workers
⦁ workers in brick kilns and stone quarries
⦁ workers in saw mills
⦁ Midwives,
⦁ Domestic workers
⦁ Barbers
⦁ Vegetable and fruit vendors
⦁ News paper vendors
⦁ Rikshaw pullers
⦁ Auto drivers
⦁ Sericulture workers, Carpenters
⦁ Tannery workers
⦁ Common Services Centres
⦁ House Maids
⦁ Street Vendors
⦁ MNGRGA Workers
⦁ ASHA Workers
⦁ Milk Pouring Farmers
⦁ Migrant Workers

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Note:- CSC NDUW New Project This project is going to start in CSC from 26 August 2021. That is, the registration of all unorganized workers is going to start from CSC Digital Seva.

NDUW Workers Registration Process CSC

CSC NDUW New Project CSC Login Page
CSC NDUW New Project CSC Login Page

Step-1 CSC VLE will visit the official Digital Seva Portal and login

NDUW New Project CSC Login Page
NDUW New Project CSC Login Page

Step-2 CSC VLE will log in with his ID Password

NDUW Ligin Link
NDUW Login Link

Step-3 After Digital Seva Login, you search in the search bar NDUW or UW will redirect you to this website then click on UW registration

NDUW beneficiary EKYC Page
NDUW beneficiary EKYC Page

Step-4 Enter the beneficiary’s Aadhaar number and verify it through biometric or OTP. Means complete Aadhar Ekyc

CSC NDUW New Project
CSC NDUW New Project

Step-5 After the Aadhar Ekyc is completed, all the details of the Aadhar card will be received, match once, and check in the declaration box, then click on continue

NDUW Enter Personal Information PAge
NDUW Enter Personal Information PAge

Step-6 (Personal Information) Enter personal information like Mobile No, Email id, Father Name, Marital Status, Social Category, Nominee Details, remember to fill the personal details correctly and then click on Save & Continue

NDUW Residential Information Page
NDUW Residential Information Page

Step-7 (Residential Information) Enter residential information in House Number, State, District, Sub District, click on Save & Continue

NDUW Educational Qualification Page
NDUW Educational Qualification Page

Step-8 Enter Educational Qualification Qualification, Mothly Income, (Upload Income Certificate if available in PDF) in 200 KB Click on Save & Continue

NDUW Occupation details page
NDUW Occupation details page

Step-9 Enter Occupation Details (Upload Occupation Certificate if available in PDF) Click on Save & Continue

NDUW Bank Details Page
NDUW Bank Details Page

Remember Step-10 Enter the bank details only whose Aadhaar number is not linked with the bank account. Do not enter bank details if Aadhaar number is linked in your bank account, click on Save & Continue

CSC NDUW New Project
CSC NDUW New Project

Step-11 Preview & tick the self-declaration. And Final Submit

NDUW Id Card download
NDUW Id Card download

Step-12 Successfully Download NDUW Id Card Generate and hand over the UAN Card to the beneficiary.


NDUW Full Form

National Database for Unorganized Workers (NDUW)

Will the worker have to pay any fee for the new registration in NDUW?

No, workers do not have to pay anything for new registration,
However the worker will pay an amount of Rs.20 in case of any rectification.

Does UAN card have any validity?

It is valid for lifetime

Does the employee have to renew the UAN card every year?

If information changes or any other details are corrected, the worker must
reprint card

If the employee is not paying income tax but is filing return. Is he eligible?

Yes, workers can get register in this case.

Is there a helpdesk we can contact to resolve our queries?

Yes, workers can call on xxxxx between 8 AM to 8 PM for any query on NDUW or register complaint online
Note This scheme has not started yet, it will start from 26th August. Whoever releases the lep number will be updated here

NDUW New Project – Important Links

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