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How to make CSC Vle Lockdown Pass, what is the right way, how a VLE can open his own CSC center in front of police, through the help of CSC Lockdown Pass, as all VLEs know that there is a lockdown all over India, due to which all CSC VLE is not opening his CSC center, how to make CSC Vle Lockdown Pass read complete information

Can all VLEs create CSC Lockdown Pass?

First of all it is important to know here that not all CSCs can create Vle Lockdown Pass, yes but some VLEs can create CSC Vle Lockdown Pass for their CSC Center. Like that VLE who has BC ID of any bank. CSP is any bank, whether it is SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Gramin Bank

CSC Vle Lockdown Pass

How to Create CSC Vle Lockdown Pass?

To get the CSC Lockdown Pass, the VLE must also have some certificate, along with the lockdown pass format that has been taken out by the CSC, and the latter should also be the lockdown pass format download from the government side. You will find the link below, here you will get the format of only three banks HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank

Download CSC Lockdown Pass Format

1, know one thing, you cannot download CSC Lockdown Pass from anywhere. Yes but you can get the format of CSC Lockdown Pass, you can download it

2, Fill your name and CSC id in the format and go to your nearest bank and get the stamp and signature from the bank manager. Or you can make a Lockdown Pass from the SI or Incharge of your local police station.

3, After the CSC Vle Lockdown Pass is created, the Lockdown Pass has to be kept in your CSC center or pasted it somewhere in your center.

4, CSC VLE download your CSC certificate and CSC id card, print it and put it in your center

5, All VLEs have IIBF Certificate and apply it in their CSC Center

6, VLE, ​​from whichever bank you have got BC, you must have got BC certificate from that bank, also put that certificate in your CSC center

7, Remember, whatever time Tebal is found in your State or District, the same time to open CSC center will be opened in Tebal or else it will not work Lockdown Pass

8, If you have all the above mentioned certificates and CSC Vle Lockdown Pass then you can open your CSC center that too according to your state which time table

CSC Id Kaise Le

CSC VLE Certificate 5 Top Certificate

CSC New Project FTTH 2021

Haryana Government Latter πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

csc lockdown pass

Can CSC Digipay Lockdown Pass be made?

There is no update from CSC SPV till 15th May that you can open your CSC Center through CSC Digipay. Yes, but in the next year i.e. in 2020, the latter was found in lockdown through indusind bank and CSC that you can run Digipay in lockdown i.e. assume a kind of CSC Digipay Lockdown Pass,

But there is no mention of any date or year in that latter, so it would be difficult to say whether this latter is for next year or for this year, unless you get any update from CSC or indusind bank, then you do not open your center. It is better to wait for CSC Digipay Lockdown Pass

All Format & CSC Lockdown Pass Download Link

CSC HDFC Bank Lockdown Pass Format Available Download Now
CSC ICICI Bank Lockdown Pass Format Available Download Now
CSC Axis Bank Lockdown Pass Format Available Download Now
CSC Digipay Lockdown Pass Not Conform 2021 Pass Download Now
Government Lockdown Pass List Available Only Haryana Download Now
All CSC VLE Lockdown Pass Coming Soon Download Now

Note:- Attention all VLEs Before making CSC Lockdown Pass or before opening CSC Center, you must contact the District Manager of your CSC ie DM once and talk about Lockdown Pass, DM will get this information first.

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