Hina Khan Upset Over Not Being Invited To India Pavilion Ceremony

New Delhi: Hina Khan is attending the Cannes Film Festival 2022. However, the actress expressed displeasure for being invited to the inaguration of the India Pavillion, even as an audiences member. Hina, stated in an interview, that although things have changed in the industry, there are still reservations against ‘TV actresses’ like her.

Hina Khan told Film Companion that things have definitely changed for her since her first experience at Cannes. Work wise, designer-clothes wise and the way people talk to her have all changed.

She talked about the ‘elitist’ attitude of the industry and said, “Things did get a bit easier when it comes to work, meeting people, how they look at you, how they greet you, and the designer stuff that we wear… Of course, there are many who still have their reservations, but there are many who reached out to me and told me, ‘We are not like others, you can reach out to us’. In terms of work, it’s been different, it’s been nice. I always look at the brighter side, but at the same time, it is tough as well… Sometimes, you might not be allowed to enter a certain space, so you have to create your own table…”

Talking about the opening ceremony, Hina Khan said,“We all belong to the same industry, we all belong to the entertainment business, we have all come here to represent India. I am very excited to launch the poster of my film, everyone there knows that I’m coming to launch the poster of my film… I was very excited… Then comes the news…”

“There is an elitist system, this elitist game, which still exists. There was an opening ceremony that happened at the Indian pavilion. There was everyone, all the talents, my contemporaries, and not just from Bollywood. It’s not that I envy them, I am so proud of them. But at the same time, it is a bit disheartening, why was I not there? Why was I not there? I could have been there, probably in the audience, at least, cheering for them when they were doing the Ghoomar. I loved the video, I felt so proud of my country,” Hina added.

Hina Khan hopes to be invited next year as well and did state that she believes in letting the world know how she feels.

Meanwhile, the ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actress stunned everyone with her red carpet look in a lilac gown. Check out Hina’s impressive couture piece in pics below.

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