How to get Jio number 2022 Jio Ka Number Free Me Kaise Nikale

How to get Jio number 2022

How to get Jio number 2022 Jio Ka Number Free Me Kaise Nikale

How to get Jio number 2022: You can get your JioFi or Jio Nubmer 2022 by sending an SMS from the following Jio number to 199 or from another operator number to Jio by sending an SMS to 7021799999

How to get Jio Number or Jio Ka Number Kaise Nikale Now you don’t have to worry about how to know your jio mobile number because we will give you 5 easy ways to check through MyJio app, check geo number by USSD code and much more.

  • How to easily check the validity of Geo number and data plan
  • How to find out the details of your Geo number by calling Customer Care
  • Check out the MyJio app to get the full details of your mobile plan

Jio is one of the largest telecom operators in India and is known for its affordable 4G data and calling plans. The company has disrupted the Indian telecom industry by lowering the price of voice calls as well as 4G data in the country. The network provider offers various benefits with its prepaid and postpaid connections. Mobile operators will offer some great features like high-speed internet, unlimited voice calls and access to the Jio app suite.

If you are a new Jio customer and want to know your Reliance Jio SIM mobile number, here are some easy ways to know your own Jio SIM number. This article shows you different ways to know your Geo mobile number through USSD code, SMS, My Geo app, SIM card and Reliance Geo Customer Care.

1. Check your Jio number using the USSD code

It is very easy to check your Jio SIM mobile number using USSD code. Here are the steps to check your Jio number in Kies Nickel via USSD code.

  • To check your Jio SIM number, open your phone’s dialer and type ‘Jio’ at 199.
  • To check Jio mobile number, dial * 1 # on the calling button.
  • Now you will able to see your personal mobile number. Be sure to note down your number for future reference

Some important SMS messages are given below that you can save for future

  • Find out the amount of the bill for Jio postpaid customers to dial 199
  • To know the current plan of Jio number dial 199
  • To Activate 4G data in your SIM dial 1925
  • To check Tariff plan and call rate then dial 191
  • Know your Jio number to dial 199
  • To check your 4G data usage dial 55333
  • Dial 199 to Check prepaid balance and validity
  • To check your Jio balance the dial * 333 # or 199

Jio sim ka number kaise nikale | Jio sim ka number kaise pata kare | how to find jio sim number 2022

To find out your Jio balance and validity, you can dial the following USSD Jio number check code:

  • For Internet balance information dial * 111 * 1 * 3 #
  • To know the original balance dial *333#
  • Dial * 333 * 3 * 1 * 1 # to activate Caller Tune on your mobile number.
  • Dial * 333 * 3 * 1 * 2 # to Disable caller tune.

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2. How to check your phone number using MyJio App

You can easily find your mobile number under “My Jio Number Details” through MyJio app. First you need to download the free MyJio app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you want to know your Jio number, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the MyJio app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Now, log in to your MyJio account.
  3. You need to sign in using your Jio SIM card.
  4. On the app’s home screen, you’ll be able to see the mobile number registered in the “My Plans or My Account” section.

3. How to check your phone number using MyJio app

You can send an SMS from your Jio mobile number to check your Jio mobile number.

  • You need to type “MY PLAN” in the message box and type 199
  • But need to send an SMS.
  • You can use your Jio mobile number code to view your Jio number details.

4. Check your Jio SIM number Kaise by calling Customer Care

  • You can simply call Customer Care at 198 to check your Jio phone number.
  • Select your language.
  • Press the required button to connect to the Customer Service Executive.
  • Next, ask the Jio Customer Care Executive for your Jio number.
  • The customer service executive will verify your details.
  • Once your details have been verified, the Customer Care Executive will provide you with the details of the Jio mobile number.

5. How to check Jio number by calling another phone

The easiest way to find your number is to call another number and check your number on that mobile, but you can do this only if you have balance on your mobile. If not, you can easily get this done by getting a Jio talktime loan.


We hope this blog post will teach you how to check Jio Number if this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know in the comment box. We are always happy to help others. Please don’t forget to subscribe our blog .


Is Jio SIM number like phone number?

The Jio SIM number is called the ICCID number and it is printed on the Jio SIM card. It cannot be checked with code or app. You need to manually remove the SIM card to check the number.

How to check the validity of your Jio number?

It is important to check if your Jio SIM is active and your number is valid. The easiest way to check the validity of your phone number is by using the Apna My Jio app. Dial Jio Customer Care Number 1800 889 9999 or 1991 from your Jio number and you can also get the answer to your question.

What is the minimum recharge plan in Jio to increase validity?

The minimum plan that a Jio user can choose is Rs. The 127 plan includes 15 days, unlimited phone calls and 12GB of mobile data. You can also get this plan for a longer period (84 days and more) and save on this tariff plan.

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