How To Keep Your Husband Happy (What Husbands Can’t Resist)

Want to know What Husbands Can’t Resist? It’s so simple, it’s almost too easy. The things they can’t resist are the fundamental things that all men need to feel good about themselves and boost their male ego (I do not use this term in a negative way. The male ego is hardwired into baby boys when they are born. It’s part of what make guys what they are. I am a great admirer of it, if fact.) So here’s what husbands can’t resist and need to be happy:

1. Respect

2. Sex

That’s it? you ask……yes, that’s it. If you look it up in psychology books, most doctors agree on this. Husbands enjoy having a well-rounded wife, but you don’t have to be super woman to keep him happy. You are probably thinking you can easily accommodate these two simple needs, and you are right. Most husbands are pleased as long as you make them feel like a “man”. I used quotes because to men there’s a difference in being “a man” and “THE man”.

Respect Is Everything To a Guy

All guys want to feel like their male egos are fulfilled and they are good enough. There’s a good reason for male peeing contests, guys have to see how they measure up to others. Okay, so let’s look at respect first. How to you show him that you respect him? One of the best ways is to praise his skills and abilities. Let him know if he is a great:

  • husband
  • father
  • provider
  • musician
  • mechanic
  • handyman
  • athlete
  • cook

You get the picture. Anything he is really good at, let him know it. Then let him know how much you appreciate that about him. Try to compliment him at least once each day. Leave him a little note or send him a text. Before long, his head will be so big and his chest pumped so large that he won’t fit through the front door of your house. By the way, complimenting him in front of ANY other male gets you triple points!

Sex Is Also Important To Guys

Now, let’s look at the sex thing. Guys actually NEED sex on a physical, biological level more than most women. Both their bodies and brains are wired that way. It is both a blessing and a curse to them, I am told.

If it doesn’t make you nervous to read this, then you probably already have this covered. If you are slightly uncomfortable, then you might want to push your comfort zone just a little.

Do husbands want quality or quantity? Well, it depends on the husband, but it is fair to say that most guys want a mixture of both with quality having a slight advantage. If your idea of adventure in the bedroom is leaving the lights on, then perhaps you should consider branching out just a bit.

Some couples opt to schedule an appointment for sex each week. It gives both partners something to look forward to and they make a real date out of it. Others like to be more adventurous about it and play little games. Whatever your style, there are ways to heat things up.

Here’s a good place to start: Sit down with your husband and simply ask if he is happy with your sex life. Then ask what you can do to make it more interesting for him. Keep an open mind. As long as it is not anything dangerous or degrading to you, consider his suggestions. You may be surprised at how much fun you can have. Be sure to tell him what you would like in return.

You talk about everything else, and you need to talk about this too. If you need more romance, he will probably we happy to provide it when knows the end result. Everything is give and take, even in the bedroom. You might be tempted to think that talking it out so blatantly will take the magic out of it, but that’s not the case at all. Try it and you will see.

So if you flatter your husband (the way you also like to be flattered) and give him lots of physical gratification, he will be eating out of your hand for years to come. If your marriage has recently suffered a break up and you need a step by step plan to get your husband (or ex husband) back, please visit The Magic of Making Up.

Source by Angela Monahan

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