How To Make Facebook Ghost ID Facebook Invisible Name ID

Making the Facebook invisible name account or making Facebook Ghost ID is simple because it is just changing Facebook profile name.

How To Make Facebook Ghost ID or Facebook Invisible Name Account

Today I m back with another Facebook trick of making Facebook Ghost account making Facebook name invisible hiding Facebook profile name.

What Is Facebook Ghost ID or  Facebook Invisible Name Account?

Facebook is a book of faces by Mark Zukerberg, the best and most popular social network. And ghosts not seen my human they are Invisible. In Facebook, some users make their name invisible/ hide their Facebook name. Actually, some international language which is not shown on general browsers so they are like a ghost they are Invisible so this is called Invisible Facebook ID some are also taking these type facebook account Ghost Facebook Account.

If you are also want to make your Facebook Name Invisible or Make Facebook Ghost ID, I will give you a trick to change your Facebook account name to an international language, where your name will not be shown.

[Note: This Tutorial Is Only For Educational Purpose, And We Are Not Responsible For Any Restriction On Your Facebook Account. So Do It At Your Own Risk]


How To Make Facebook Ghost ID?
How To Make Your Facebook Name Invisible?

  • Just open Mozilla Firefox (if you are using Desktop) or Google Chrome (If you are using mobile devices) and go to
  • Then log in to your Facebook account with your Facebook login details or if you don’t have a Facebook account then create a Facebook account.
  • Now change your Facebook language to “ENGLISH LANGUAGE”.
  • Then go to the Facebook account setting which is located at the bottom in the mobile browser or right corner in desktop browsers.
  • And click the general setting and change your Facebook name by clicking on the edit button.
  • Now copy any character from facebook ghost id or facebook invisible name symbol and paste it on both first and last name.

    [Warning: You May Not Able To See The Ghost Symbols, You Must Disable Adblocking On Your Browser. And Click On Original View In This Page On The Upper Right Corner To See The Ghost Symbols]

Facebook Ghost Id Facebook Invisible Name Symbols

  • Then click on review change and then enter your password and click on the Save button.
  • It is Done!
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Some Advantages Of Facebook Ghost ID or Facebook Invisible Name ID

  • You Can Hide Your Facebook Name.
  • Nobody Can Easily See You On Facebook.

Some DisAdvantages Of Facebook Ghost Name ID or Facebook Invisible Name ID

  • First That If Somebody Want To Find YoubOn Facebook Somebody Would not Find You On Facebook.
  • Making Ghost Name Facebook ID is not accepted by Facebook Policy so your Facebook Account May Be Temporarily Deactivate For Some Days. By giving you a single Report.

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