How To Make Fake Facebook Account Without Mobile or Email

How To Make a Fake Facebook Account Without Mobile Number or Email Address, See How Fake Facebook Account Does Work

Hello, friends today I m going to share a FB Trick for Making Fake Facebook Account or Facebook Account without any Mobile Number or Email I’d. Guys, it is very simple and easy to make a Fake Facebook Account, Facebook Account Without Any Mobile Number or Email I’d.
Guys sometimes you may think to make a Fake Facebook Account to spy on your Girlfriend or Boyfriend or for any other purpose such as fooling friends etc only for entertainment so don’t worry because you are the best place for real 100% working tricks
We will give you a solution to make a Fake Facebook Account or Facebook Account without any Mobile number or Email I’d. I will give you the trick step by step just read these steps very carefully for 100% success.

[Note: This Article Is Just For Educational Purpose]

Before going to the tricks step I tell you some important things which are needed for this trick.
(!) One of the fastest web browsers.
(!!) Temporary Email I’d. (Goto
(!!!) Fake Mobile Number (see how to make Fake mobile number).

How To Create Facebook Account By Fake Email Id?


1.) Open a web browser and Go to any temporary email website. The temporary email website will give you an Email address only for 10-20 minutes.
Recommended Temporary Email Websites Are:

2.) Copy your temporary email from the temporary email website. [Don’t close the temporary email website’s window, minimize it].
3.) Then open a new window or open another web browser go to and click on the Sign-Up button.
4.) Then fill up the sign-up / registration form, and enter your name, date of birth, and password. And paste your temporary email into the box of Email or Phone Number.
5.) Now click on Sign Up. (A verification email will send to your temporary email.)
6.) Open and Reload/ Refresh your first window or another web browser where you open the temporary email website in step no.2.
7.) You will find a mail from Facebook Team, open the mail and find a Facebook Verification Link. Click on there.
8.) Now you will see a message Your “Facebook Account Is Successfully Verified”.

How To Make Facebook Account By Fake Mobile Number?

This method is better than method no.1 because a mobile number is trusted, but sometimes the Facebook team didn’t send a Facebook Account Verification code or Link to the fake mobile number.

Recommended Things For This Method

(!)One Fake Mobile Number.(See How To Make Fake Mobile Number).
(!!) One fast browsing web browser.
1.) Generate a fake mobile number from First App or Talk2 App.
2.) Open your web browser and go to
3.) Click on create a new account.
4.) Fill up the registration form (enter your name which you want to display on your fake Facebook Account, your date of birth, enter a password for your fake Facebook Account, and enter your Fake Mobile Number which you got in step no.1 in the box of Email or Phone Number.)
5.) Then click on Sign Up. A Verification Code/ Link will send to your fake mobile number.
6.) Minimize your web browser.
7.) Then open and refresh your fake mobile number generator app Primo or Talk2 app.
8.) You will get a message having your Facebook Account Verification code on that message.
9.) Now open your web browser and enter The Facebook Verification Code that you got in the message on your fake mobile number generator app and click on Verify.
Hope You Are Successful On Making a Fake Facebook Account Without Any Mobile Number or Email Id


This is an entertaining trick for how to make a fake Facebook account without using a mobile number or email address this trick was tested last time about 5 yrs ago, so may not be work

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