How to Memorize a Map Easily

When it comes to memorizing, one of the hardest items to memorize are maps simply because it involves memorizing both words and images. Indeed, there are many people who want to know how to memorize a map easily. The problem with memorizing maps is that you must be able to capture an accurate mental picture of it or else you will not be able to locate the place that you are looking for and you will most likely get lost. There are proven methods though that can help you memorize maps. And if you will simply follow these methods then you can easily place a mental picture of any map in your head and recall it at will.

One of the first things that you should do when memorizing a map is to break it down into small parts. As the saying goes, the only way to eat an elephant is to eat it piece by piece and that is also the best way to remember the details of a visual representation of a city or a town. The next step is try to connect the names of the streets with a certain landmark of the place. The reason why it is hard to remember street names is because they lack relevance. If you assign a landmark to a street, then that street will instantly gain relevance. Lastly, create a mental picture of street names. Pictures are much easier to remember than mere words.

Now that you now know how to memorize a map, you can now venture into any place without the fear of getting lost.

Source by Jack Travels