Laptop Ko FAST Kaise Kare (2X Computer Speed)

Is your computer or laptop getting slow day by day, and you are not getting the solution to make it fast?

No problem, you will be given complete information here – Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Kare

Yes, this is a common problem! Which almost every Computer/Laptop user has to face this problem! Because as long as our PC / Laptop is new, then it is fine.

But, as it gets old, it starts getting slow! And some start working very slow in a very short time.

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

do you know What could be the reasons for this?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. I am going to tell you everything in detail about the reason behind the slow down of the computer / laptop.

and i you Slow Computer I will give complete information about how to fast.

Why do computers and laptops become slow?

Actually, there can be many reasons for your PC to be slow and to hang it again.

But what is the biggest reason, you probably also know that. Yes, the biggest reason for this can be not taking care of your laptop properly.

Because there are many people whose laptop 2-3 years Works even better after it’s done.

The reason for this is that they use laptops as much as they do. as much as his Maintenance also pay attention to

If you also pay less attention to the maintenance of your laptop, then this Slow speed problem will be seen. Well whatever it is, I have a problem Solution I’m going to tell

Even if it is slow, it doesn’t matter. Let’s know – PC Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

Know the real reason of computer slow down in full detail.

Windows Computer is Slow by Technical Sagar

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Kare – Wndows 10 PC Guide

By the way, there are many tricks and methods to fix this problem. But I am going to tell you the most different way of going a little bit.

all these Simple Tips Own laptop [Windows 10] But I have tried And really proved to be very helpful in increasing the speed.

Let us start knowing about them one by one.

Know them too

1. Free Up Space

Of course your laptop is also made for Movies, Photos and Videos. But where is it wise to fill the hard drive of the laptop with these things.

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye
Windows 10 Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

I told you in my last post too! The storage full of your phone or PC can also cause problems that slow down your PC!

That is why it is better that you keep your PC’s storage free to the required limit! So that you get better performance of the laptop.

Yes, you got it right, if you really increase the speed of the laptop (Laptop Ki Speed ​​Badana) want | So you have to delete the unnecessary files from your laptop.

Learn to free up space

It’s quite easy. First of all go to this option of your laptop.

Settings > System > Storage > Change how we free up space automatically

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Kare

After that scroll down. Then “Clean nowSelect the option. Now your laptop is free up space.

to this option Window 10 based on computer. If you’re using Windows 8/7, the setting may be different.

Know these too;

2. Create Restart Schedule

Do you restart your PC every 24-30 hours or not?

This can also be a reason for your laptop not doing proper work.

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye
Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Kare

If you also keep doing any work without sleeping for three days, what will happen to you?

Have you ever thought about this thing?

The way you get on average in 24 hours 7-9 Hours of sleep needed In the same way, your laptop also needs a complete rest for some time.

Here the meaning of Rest Sleep mode but not Restart/Shutdown is meant by From today onwards you can also at least every 24-36 once an hour Restart Do it

Windows 10 Ko Fast Kaise Kare

So, after reading this post Alt + F4 Make sure to restart your laptop by pressing it. And will continue to do so. So that your PC always works fast.

Know them too

3. Delete Temporary Files

Tips No. 3 A must for your laptop! Because the biggest effect of slowing down your laptop is from this thing!

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye
Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

Many applications and programs keep running in our laptop. and by all of them Temporary file Created too! And if Temp. If the number of files increases, then these files slow down your PC!

That is why in order to optimize the laptop, we should keep deleting these temporary files from time to time!

Delete Temporary File

Above all Window + R Press the button!

After that you will see Run Command. in which youtempby writing [↵ enter] button to be pressed.

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

Now the folder of Temporary files will appear in front of you. All of them Ctrl + A Select all by pressing

At the end “Shift + DeleteDelete all of them forever by pressing “. It is like this, do it once in 10-15 days. This will keep your Windows 10 computer free and fast.

Know these too;

4. Run “tree” Command

As far as I am concerned, I always keep doing this process at regular intervals. Maybe this could be a reason too! Due to which my laptop never slowed down!

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye
Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

You too follow this process! Then see how this process makes your laptop faster!

To Run Tree Command In Your Laptop Tips #3 Follow the process by deleting Temporary Files in it!

Here I am telling you in short:

Above all Window + R pressing the button Run Command Open the

After that just youtreeby writing [↵ enter] To press the button!

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

Now Tree Command Run will be seen in front of you. Which you have to leave as it is.

It will automatically remove from the screen after running.

Computer Expert Mentioned by Working Tricks also use

Computer Speed up Guide by Technology Gyan

Know them too

5. Delete “prefetch” & “%temp%” files

These files also impact on your laptop’s system just like temporary files! And slow down your laptop.

windows 10 ki speed kaise badhaye
Laptop Ki Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye

Whenever we open any application / program in our laptop. Then that application to some files Create makes | Whereas prefect/temp folder In Store!

And when we close those programs. So they also delete the temp/prefetch files created by them.

But sometimes some files remain. Which we should delete manually!

Prefetch Files को Delete करें

There is a very simple way to delete them! Just like the way I have told the process of deleting Temporary Files!

you first Window + R by pressing Run Command Open the

Now once”prefetchby writing “and a second time”%temp%By writing, alternately [↵ enter] press |

windows 7 ko fast kaise kare

And then both the files alternately shift + delete Delete forever by pressing the button. Doing this continuously will increase the speed of your computer.

Do not do this process everyday. otherwise your Windows 7/8/10 Laptop But it can have a bad effect. it would be better that 10-15 Do it once a day.

Know them too

6. Reset Your Laptop/PC

Remember you… In this post, I only talked about telling 5 tips! then you follow these tips Bonus Can believe! Because I thought that let’s give you an extra tip.

laptop ko reset kaise kare
Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare

Sometimes your laptop has a lot of Junk Files, Malware, Misc. Files are stored! Which we are unable to delete manually!

That is why all the tips mentioned in this post also do not work properly! It doesn’t matter if this is happening to your laptop as well!

You still have a way, and that way”Reset Your LaptopSo you can try this method. because this is the way will work |

Learn to Reset (Format) Laptop

This process works in exactly the same way! The way you reset your mobile! And your mobile becomes perfectly fine!

To reset your Laptop (Windows 10), go to the setting mentioned below.

Setting > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC

Laptop Ko Fast Kaise Banaye

after that you Get started Select the option of As shown in Screenshot.

laptop ko format kaise kare

in front of you nowReset this PCThe Wizard of ” will appear. In which you will see two options. of which you Remove everything have to choose.

After that more options will appear. You can reset your PC by following them.

forgive me Cannot tell further process to reset PC. Otherwise my laptop will be formatted.

Know these too;


By following all these tips, I have full hope that your PC will become much faster than before. Because I have seen by applying these tips on your Windows 10.

And it has benefited me a lot. And currently the speed of my PC already works very fast.

Like Temporary and Prefetch Files, once every 10-15 days Recent Files can also delete Just for this in Run Command “recentThe next process has to be followed by writing.

Today’s topic for youLaptop Ki Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye” How was it?

Hope my tips will be able to solve your problem.

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