Living a Useless Life


Being useless to everyone can be a painful feeling. What people don't realize is that opinions are different. People think differently. When you think you are useless to everyone, there might be someone who thinks that you are useful. In fact, you might even be important to someone.

The thing with the human mind is to compare. Our brains work in a way that it could only perceive things by comparing unknown things with known things. Scientists have proved that what we see is not all what goes through the eyes. It is the interpretation of the brain that you see at the end. This is exactly why a group of people looking at the clouds see different figures in the cloud.

May be everyone gets to that point where they think that they are useless. It might even be true; who knows! But the reality is that, you are not the only one. Do you seriously think that out of seven billion people on the planet earth, you are the only one who thinks that you are useless? Absolutely not!

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So, why do people think that they are useless? They compare themselves with someone who they think is extremely useful. Okay, that is fair enough, but did you know that in that special person's life, there was a time when that person looked like useless? Their situation was even worse than yours right now.

Most people quit when they are that close to success. If you are about to quit, then know that the success is near. It is almost like a signboard to success. The time when you think everything is over, that is when you don't give up.

After all, what's the point it doing better things when you have all of the resources in the world? That is not so special. You are special. How do I know? Because I am special. Why do I think I am special? Not because I have reached impossible feats, but because I haven't given up after years and years of disappointments. To be exact, it has been over two decades now. My energy and thirst to win have not declined even a percent. I am ever motivated. The fact that I couldn't win is weaker when I think, that nothing could make me quit.

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Of course people laughed. They are laughing right now. I mean, why care?

No one thought Neil Armstrong would walk on the moon. No one thought that Albert Einstein would figure out that matter could be transformed into Energy. No one thought Malala would win a Nobel Price. No one thought that you would be a winner.

Now come on. You are not one of the seven billion. You are one in the seven billion.

Be a worrier to life. No matter if you are child or old man, man, woman or transgender, king or slave, rich or poor. Just don't give up. There are different formulas to winners, but there is only one formula to fearsome achievers. And that is "never surrender, never retreat and win; or die fighting". And that is my formula too. The most important thing to note is that I am not telling all of these as a winner. People who know me would say I am a loser. Of course, that is how things look like now. Mark my words, and mark them well; I will be known, not just to the people who know me, but to the entire world. And I will not be known as a winner, but as a fearsome achiever.

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Now, tell me my friend. What are you going to be? Are you going to be lazy and believe that you are useless? Or are you going to start fighting like hell, and show the world that you are not useless?

I know what I am going to do.

Source by Qunson Marynathan

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