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All of you CSC VLEs will probably know that a new government service is going to start in CSC. Here you can download NDUW Eshram Banner NATIONAL DATABASE OF UNORGANISED WORKERS (NDUW) which you will also know as Eshram all over India. Eshram Card It will be like if Ayushman Bharat card was made, you will get all the information about nduw project along with if you are CSC VLE then you can also download NDUW Eshram Banner

How To Download NDUW Eshram Banner

NDUW Eshram Banner Download
NDUW Eshram Banner Download

All CSC VLEs also know that when any big service comes in CSC, CSC publishes a banner for that service for CSC VLE so that CSC VLE can put that banner in their center and more people about that service. To know, here you will get the link of Eshram Banner Download, check it below.

What is the National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW)

Till now there was no such database in India which is only of unorganized workers. The Ministry of Employment is preparing a national database of unorganized workers. The facility of registration of unorganized workers will be on the website

Each UNORGANISED WORKERS (UW) will be issued an Identity Card which will be a Unique Identification Number. The Unique Identification Number will be of 12 digits. Social Security Schemes will be implemented by Ministries/Governments on the basis of this database.

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Here you can download both Hindi and English NDUW Eshram Banner. Remember, you can edit the banner after download like you can print your state name and district name.

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