ONLINE Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kahate Hain

Online is called in Hindi to be always connected through Internet or Computer Device. The answer to this in one word”now active(Active) may be.

Is this the 100% correct answer to this question?

Not at all

So what is its real Hindi meaning. Let us understand the answer to this strange question from this coincidence.

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Exactly two days before today, my friend came and started saying, if you have guts, then show it.

I said, man, then do the question first. Then he asked, tell me Online Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kahate Hain?

It was a question which I, knowing it, could not explain in one word. Because No one ever asked me this kind of question |

Some words are like this. Which we use everyday. But their translation and Meaning do not pay attention to

Exactly the same happened with me too.

But one minute Really the answer is shocking.

Online Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kahate Hain | Online Meaning In Hindi

Online ko hindi mein kya kahate hain

Now I started searching the Hindi meaning of online on the Internet. I tried to find its definition in every big and small place. As if;

  • Hindi Dictionary
  • Websites and Blogs
  • English to Hindi Translator
  • Social media
  • QnA Forums etc. |

even I Asked my student friends and some teachers too |

You also see what I got in response.

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Meaning of Online according to Translator and Dictionary

Long ago I stopped relying on the English language and some dictionaries. Because sometimes the answers are humorous and dissatisfied.

You will also know later. Why am I speaking like this?

What is Hindi of Online according to Google Translate

online ko hindi mein kya kahate hain in google translate

in my view This is the best translation tool , But in this case it also did not say anything.

According to this, online is also called the same in Hindi language.

Know them too

Hindi meaning of online in the eyes of Shabdkosh

online ko hindi me kya kahte hai in shabdkosh

It is quite popular and reliable in terms of translation from Hindi to English.

But Hindi meaning of online This also disappointed me in the matter of telling.

Online Meaning in Hindi based on Hindi2Dictionary

online ka hindi kya hota hai in hindi2dictionary

Come on here we got something.

According to this online in Hindi “Direct connectivity to computer/internetHave to live in

Perhaps this is the reason why my friends use this dictionary a lot.

What is the Hindi name of online according to Shabdkosh Raftaar?

online ka matlab hindi mein in shabdkosh raftaar

Who does not know this dictionary.

But sorry near it too Online का Hindi Meaning There is no information about |

Know them too

What is the Hindi meaning of online on social media

Do you agree with the answers in Dictionary?

Tell me in comment

However, I was not satisfied at all after getting so many disappointing answers.

Then I thought Let’s take a look at Social Media and Video Channels as well.

after much argument here i got 70% of the answer |

what’s found on youtube

With great hope, I opened YouTube on my mobile.

Then touching on the mic button asked: Online Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kahate Hain Tell |

Now hundreds of videos were in front of me. I played the first one.

online meaning in hindi by youtuber

Brother sahib told it right.

But I did not understand their meaning at all. Because “Tarastha” And “SaturatedLike seeing the word for the first time.

You also see their strange answers in Hindi language.

Then my eyes fell on a video.

I found the answer to be quite right , Because some examples were also included in it.

online ka hindi arth youtube par

From their point of view, understand the correct meaning of online in Hindi.

Know them too

What is called online in Hindi according to WhatsApp Chat

online meaning in hindi whatsapp me

According to this app the answer is quite simple.

Because in its view online is also called online in Hindi.

Oh my god It is very difficult to understand here.

Online Meaning in Hindi according to Facebook

online ka hindi kya hota hai

Here it means something else. According to me this is pretty much the correct answer.

Because in another word to Online, we can also call it Active. here it Green Dot is informed by

But what is the relation of these two with each other?

I am going to tell this in my own words at the end of this post. |

on Instagram’s DMs

online you don't mean

Now Facebook and Instagram have become the property of the same person. You probably also know this thing.

That’s why here Hindi meaning of online will be seen as same.

Know them too

What people call online in Hindi in Q&A Forums

The real fun is about to come here.

because over here answer every question Experts is given by , Let’s see, according to them, what will be called online in Hindi.

According to Quora Answer

Who does not know about Quora? It is specially designed for question and answer purposes only.

Here too someone asked a question to the experts: How to say online in Hindi?

see this Hindi name of online is in front of you.

online ko hindi mein kya bolte hain quora answer

Did you like their answer?

Tell me in comment

Meaning of Online in Hindi based on Vokal

What kind of answer is this?

What are they trying to explain after all?

online ka hindi matlab vocal me

Almost all of us know this. What’s new or different in this?

Know them too

What according to me is called online in Hindi

Now it’s my turn

After analyzing all the words and things, I have been able to reach this conclusion.

See, even if we want, we will not be able to describe the Hindi meaning of online in one word. Because only a few words are like this.

in my view who is online;

any thing or thing that Internet/Device always attached via (Always connected) lives. That is called online.

Let us understand by example;

  • someone in mobile through internet Payment to do
  • via internet Class take and Teaching make |
  • Promote your products with the help of Internet.
  • someone with the help of internet Instant Message to do

All these examples have one thing in common.

Do you know what?

Always be connected to the Internet |

Yes | You do not have to walk yourself to do any work in online. You can do all the things sitting at home with the help of internet and device.

Know them too


Talking in other words, there is a very deep relationship between the Internet and online. Because online word definition is incomplete without internet.

Let us understand in this way.

See online is made up of two words.

  1. ON – Feather
  2. LINE – Line

By adding these two, its Hindi meaning “on the line” will come out.

Surely this word does not seem to be related to online.

But if you think carefully, its clear meaning is always connected.Always Active) have to stay. According to me Online का Hindi Meaning The same thing will happen.

In a word we can call it this;

  • Contact Vance
  • Saturated
  • now active
  • Contact etc.

These words are very strange to read. Those who know less Hindi will not even know their meaning. for this reason we The meaning of online Can’t tell in one word.

Now it’s your turn

Ask this question to your student friends. See what those people say about it.

Know them too

FAQ – Related to Hindi Meaning of Online

Definition of online I came across many other questions while looking for . I thought it right to include only a few of those questions.

Because these important Frequently Asked Questions Meaning Will help a lot in understanding

Is online the opposite word of offline?

Yes | Because online means staying connected. On the other hand, offline means disconnected.

What are the synonyms of online?

In Hindi language it is known by the names of Samprakt, Tarastha, now-active, etc. On the other hand in English we know it as Active, Connected, Currently Active etc.

You were looking for: Online Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kahate Hain

I answered this tricky question using all my knowledge. I even asked some of the points to the educated people.

How do you like my answer?

Tell me soon Comment box is waiting for you below.

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