Out of the Ordinary Honeymoons in Europe

If you are one of those couples that is known for doing things that are fun, creative, and totally out of the ordinary, then that is probably what you want your honeymoon to be too. So, why not consider Europe as your adventurous honeymoon destination of choice? European honeymoons are surprisingly affordable and there are lots of great places to visit that you may not have even considered. So, here is a list of great honeymoon ideas that are anything but ordinary.

  1. Ireland. Immerse yourself in the romance and beauty of Ireland. You can explore many of Ireland’s beautiful castles, see the gorgeous countryside on a motorcycle, take a cruise on the River Shannon, and even spend your evening in a cozy little cottage. Whatever you want your honeymoon to be, Ireland has it.
  2. Hampshire, England. If you and your significant other are literary buffs, why not consider honeymooning in Hampshire, which was the home of famous writers Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Hampshire is a romantic, seaside county with a beautiful countryside and is a popular vacation destination for many British natives. You can visit the homes and museums dedicated to Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, and other historic places such as The Vyne, Southsea Castle, Beaulieu Abby, and Portchester Castle.
  3. Perugia, Italy is a chocolate lover’s fantasy! Perugia is known as the city of chocolate because that is where Baci (chocolate kisses) are widely imported. If you get married in October, you might even be able to visit the city during their annual Eurochocolate festival. You can even stay at the Etruscan Chocohotel, which has a restaurant with a chocolate menu! Perugia also has a lot of history, so chocolate doesn’t have to be the only thing on your to-do list. You can also visit their great tourist attractions such as the Piazza IV Novembre, Fontana Maggiore, Corso Vannucci, and Rocca Paolina.
  4. Switzerland offers some of the world’s best ski resorts for those couples that love the snow. You can choose from several top ski resorts such as Davos, Glacier 3000, Engelberg, and Grindelwald. You can even hop on an overnight train and travel from Switzerland to Germany to get a two-for-one honeymoon adventure. All of this in additions to Switzerland’s history and clean environment would make this a honeymoon destination of a lifetime.
  5. Chios, Greece. Have you and significant other always wanted to honeymoon is Greece, but you want to go somewhere that is considerably less crowded, then look no further than Chios. It has beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, as well as many monasteries, churches, and museums that are definitely worth a peek if you’re a history buff. The weather is great from May to October, so if you are planning an early summer or fall wedding, then this would definitely be a great honeymoon destination for you.

As you can see Europe offers a variety of places to honeymoon that are unique, rich in history, and beautiful. This is the perfect destination for any couple looking for a little adventure and a honeymoon that isn’t like everyone else’s.

Source by Ashley Rader

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