Pakistani cricketer to commit suicide

Pakistani cricketer to commit suicide
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A young local cricket player in Pakistan attempted suicide because the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) passed over him for the inter-city competition.

Shoaib, a domestic cricket player for Pakistan who hails from Hyderabad in the southern Sindh region, slashed his wrist in an attempt at suicide after being passed over for the Pakistan Cricket Board’s inter-city competition.

On Tuesday, Shoaib slashed his wrist while attempting to self-harm and was taken by his family members to the hospital in critical condition.

This is not the first time something similar has happened in Pakistan; in fact, Muhammad Zaryab, a promising local player and a right-handed batter from Karachi, hung himself to death in February 2018 after being let go from his city’s under-19 squad.

Pakistani cricketer to commit suicide his family member reported finding him with a slit wound on his wrist in the washroom

A family member of Shoaib has said that the young cricketer was disappointed when his coach passed him up for the inter-city championship tryouts.

In addition, a family member of the athlete said that Shoaib had been depressed after not being chosen and had been confined to his room.

Shoaib was discovered unconscious and with a wrist wound in the bathroom of his room, according to a family member, who claimed they transported him to the hospital right away. Furthermore, the cricket player’s condition is currently deemed to be serious.

“We found him in the bathroom of his room with his wrist cut and him unconscious and immediately rushed him to hospital where he is still in critical condition,” a family member stated.

This is not the first case that we have seen. Shoaib and Zaryab are the only names that came into the limelight. Reportedly, there are similar cases involving young dedicated players which went unreported.

The responsibility of all the stakeholders in the cricket fraternity is to address the discrimination at the foundational level so that the issue of self-harm among the emerging players would completely come down, paving a way for a brighter and better career, which is the current demand of some of the observers.

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