Personal Growth Exercise To Increase Your Attention Span

Stretching exercises for your mind increase your attention span. That makes a difference in your life!

That’s why I do certain tasks. I’ve created specific small exercises for myself.

These are mostly simply silly little things. Yet it makes a difference. It increases my willingness and ability to focus!

For example, I like to read.

Therefore, I’ve chosen to use reading as one way to stretch my mind.

That might work for you.

Do you like to read?

If so, choosing reading as a way to stretch your mind might work for you, too.

It’s a good way to stretch your mind if you’re enjoying yourself.

I believe it’s best to choose an activity that you enjoy. Thus, if you don’t experience reading as a pleasurable choice, I believe you need to choose something different for yourself.

Reading increases your ability to focus.

For example, if you read a little bit each day, your attention span will grow stronger and longer.

If you don’t like to read, you can find other ways that will work for you.

Not TV!

Commercial television programs tend to reduce your attention span.

I suggest you avoid TV. Avoid it at least for this particular purpose! That kind of activity won’t work.

The short scenes of commercial television are more likely to shorten your attention span. Thus, even when you cut out commercials, you’re not doing yourself any favors by using commercial television as a personal growth strategy.

On the other hand, if you’ve got educational films, that might work.

It depends on how the film is organized. Specifically, the length of segments that hold your attention.

The idea is to find something that has a beginning, middle and end timeframe for you.

That way you begin focusing. Once you begin, your attention stays with what you’re doing. You learn to continue participating in the task of observing the film you picked.

As you approach the midpoint of your time focusing, your attention stays put.

Keeping your attention alive and real for all that time matters.

Then when you reach the end of the time you’re investing in the educational program, you shift from what you’ve been doing to what you want to do next.

The idea? Go deep. That way you focus in a way that allows to be able to focus fully for a significant amount of time. Personal growth is your result.

Source by Cynthia Ann Leighton

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