Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye

Are you fond of taking photos from mobile, then there is a good news for you! From today you too will start earning money by selling photos. Best Photo Selling Apps For Android in Hindi

But how, today we will know about this.

Yes, I was absolutely right… you can sell photos from your mobile with great ease! And you can earn good money too!

Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye – Best Photo Selling Apps

You know that from today all the Smartphones are great. Camera being given! This will work as an advantage for you!

For your information, let me tell that you are on a photo 100$ Earn up to Some of these apps can pay you even more for each photo!

photo selling apps for android in hindi

Drag and sell photos from your mobile (SellIt is not at all necessary that you should have an expensive phone! You can take a great photo with any Smartphone!

just your photo Unique Having it is enough! I mean those photos should be captured from your own mobile!

In this post I will show you these apps #Rank I will tell accordingly! Which will be measured according to Trust and Popularity!

So let’s all Photo Selling Apps And get to know the websites in turn! And to sell all these photos 100% Trusted are considered

Know them too

#1. Shutterstock Contributor

photo selling apps for android in hindi
Photo Selling Apps for Android in Hindi

I wrote this post after collecting a lot of information! And in that information I found Photo Selling best platform to do Shutterstock is the same That’s why I put it in the first place!

This 15 Has been working for years! and so far 500 Million Dollar more than your Contributors Paid it!

photo selling apps for android in hindi

Earlier they used to have only website! but later Mobile Photography Seeing the popularity of it, they have also released the application!

With the help of this app, you can easily upload photos and Submit Can do it too!

come on Shutterstock Contributor Let’s get to know some of the special features of;

  • Earnings & Activity: With the help of this, you can easily earn your earnings. Check can do! You will get all the records of how much you earned on your day from this app!
  • Submit From Phone: After uploading any photo, you can submit it! Because only after submitting your photo will appear in the search result!
  • Track Insight & Data: You can also track Data & Insight with the help of this App! With this you will know how many times which photo has been downloaded! You are notified about this!
  • Upload On The Go: This is a very interesting thing of any app! You can upload photos from anywhere and at any time!
photo selling apps for android in hindi

Your job is just to upload the photos, and Shutterstock will do the job of selling them! Shutterstock will add your share of credit to your account as soon as your photo is sold!

Now it comes that you can earn at least and as much as possible on a photo!

Shutterstock – Earning Schedule

photo selling apps for android in hindi

You can get an idea by looking at this figure, how much money you can earn by selling photos on Shutterstock!

Know them too

#2. Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos

photo selling apps for android in hindi
Photo Selling Apps for Android in Hindi

let’s talk now Dreamstime Of…

Compared to Shutterstock on Dreamstime Competition Too low! And selling photos by creating an account on it is one for you. Advantage Maybe!

this on each photo 25-50% up to Revenue Share gives! if your photo Exclusive then you will 10% separately Bonus Will be given!

For example:
if your photo $100 (USD) I sell then you $25-$60 (Dollars) At present 1 Dollar price of approx 73 is around Rs.

come on Dreamstime App Let’s take a look at the features of

  • Real times Sells Notification: When your photo is sold, this app will notify you immediately through Notification! With this you will get to know when and how much your photo is being sold!
  • Track Sales & Earning: With the help of this App you can Earning & Sale You will be able to locate it easily! You will come to know how many times your photo has been sold and how much you have earned from it!
  • Easily Upload: You can upload your photo very easily! You just need to save your file Select have to do and One Touch I will upload your photo!
photo selling apps for android in hindi

of this App Interface Very nice and easy! You will be able to upload your photos in just one touch! just whatever time it takes Approve Seems to happen!

Now know in which format you have to upload your photos!

photo selling apps for android in hindi

if you their Criteria If you upload your photos accordingly, then all your photos will be approved! And your photos will start selling!

have a look at your Earning Schedule put it on

photo selling apps for android in hindi
Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye

on dreamstime Level Your income increases accordingly! The more times your photos are downloaded, the more you Revenue Share will get!

Know them too

#3. Clashot: Take pics, make money

photo selling apps for android in hindi

Clashot App is no less than a Social Network! But there is a big difference between this and a social media! But how..?

That’s why you can share your photos on it as well as sell them! There are many people out there who buy the kind of photos they need!

Know the features of Clashot App,

  • It’s Free: This is a completely free App! There are no charges to download it! Rather, this app will give you money when your photo is sold!
  • One-click Upload: You don’t need to put in much effort! You just make one click and your photo will be uploaded!
  • Easy Payment: You don’t have to think much about your payment! You can easily order your payment via PayPal and Skrill!
  • Statistical Report: You will get all the information related to your Earning and Download in full details in this App!
photo selling apps for android in hindi
Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye

So do one thing now and instead of posting status on Facebook and WhatsApp, share the photo you took on Cashlot App!

You upload a photo at least once a week, if not once a day! But keep one thing in mind, you must upload at least one photo every week in a row!

#4. Snapwire – Sell Your Photos

photo selling apps for android in hindi

This is also a Best Alternative! You can also install it in your mobile and earn money by uploading photos!

One Snapwire Creator Being that after your photo is approved, you will be earning on every single download! All you have to do is upload great photos!

photo selling apps for android in hindi

This App gives you a lot of facilities! But you can get to see competition on this!

But never mind, keep uploading your photos regularly! This will build your portfolio! Then people themselves will start approaching to buy your photos!

Now you know some of the main features of this app,

  • Submit Photos From Gallery & Cloud: You can upload and submit photos from anywhere other than the gallery! For example, (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive etc…)
  • Connect With Other Photographer: A special feature has been given in this app! With its help, you will be able to communicate with any photographer!
  • Real time Notifications: You will be provided with up-to-the-minute information! I mean you will be able to get Notification related to your Photos Sell/Approve!
photo selling apps for android in hindi
Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye

I really liked the user interface of the Snapwire App! Because anyone can understand its user interface!

Let us now look at the Earning Schedule,

photo selling apps for android in hindi
Photo Selling Apps for Android in Hindi

If a Buyer wants your photo Exclusively Or if it buys under copyright, then in this situation you have to 100% Revenue Share will be given!

otherwise you 50% Revenue Share Then we’ll see you! Then what’s the delay, download it now, then show the glory of your photography to the whole world – Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye

Know them too


throughout the day at least you 2-3 hours You must have got FREE TIME! So why not do the photo work in this free time!

And only you are going to benefit from it! If you do this then you can easily earn good money! And you will also have a good experience in capturing your photo! After that gradually you will start capturing tremendous photos!

So you must take advantage of these (Best Photo Selling Apps for Android)! And start earning money from now on – Image & Photo Sell Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye

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