Self Past Life Regression – Improve Your Life by Looking Into the Past

Self past life regression revolves around the idea that we could access our memories and therefore learn from our past lives and in doing so we will be able to understand much of our present existence. Whether we believe in past lives or not, there are people who claimed to have successfully done it and are now living life to the fullest.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to acquire knowledge from what you supposedly have lived before? Imagine what added wisdom from a whole other life can do for you today. Steer clear from your old mistakes and gather the lessons from the wrong you may have engaged in. Not only will you be able to access memories from your past life but also the ones you had in your present life. We have issues as adults that we need to resolve within ourselves with the help of our childhood or adolescent experiences in order to be able to move forward. Life would certainly be easier for us once we get a hold of valuable information from the past.

The process of self past life regression usually involves relaxation, comfort and the willingness to acquire that state. There are therapists who can guide you through it although it is now achievable even by yourself. Listening to binaural beats will provide you with an instant shift in your consciousness which makes it easier. You don’t need to invest in years of practice, loads of money and time just to be able to do this. There aren’t any imminent dangers that come along with it but you still have to take into consideration your overall condition.

You could always have someone with you or inform those close to you when you will be doing this activity. It is normal to be anxious or nervous when trying something new and you always have the discretion to stop or put it off for another time or day when you are more prepared to do so.

Remember that this can be a fulfilling and inspiring journey. This is one method where you can just simply improve and find meaning to your life.

Source by Amiya Santillan

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