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Top Traffic Exchange Websites Get Free Website Traffic

Best Traffic Exchange Websites 2022

Traffic exchange generates traffic on your website, and the chance of capturing visitors increases. Traffic is the most priority no matter what kind of website you run. Specific search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to contextually relevant content can help increase traffic volumes and key metrics. At the same time, more technical traffic attractions like reducing page load delays and improving user experience on mobile devices can also help boost your website’s impact.

No 1: is one of the most hit websites in the traffic exchange industry. There is no surfing time set people will set on your websites until they want. It offers many tools to advertise your links and websites. Whether you want to advertise your websites or any business, then is the best tool.

Within, you can build your advertising with an affiliate option that other members see. You must earn credits to make an ad. You must also view at least ten adverts for at least 5 seconds each day to earn credits.


  • ads don’t come with a timer
  • You can earn credits
  • You don’t have to advertise yourself


  • You need to pay credit to advertise yourself
  • You earn very little, and for the rest of the promotions, you need to purchase plans
  • Sometimes you don’t get the targeted audience

No 3: RankBoostup

RankBoostup provides traffic to your websites, and it is one of the best leading apps in the traffic exchange industry. No other traffic exchange provides the level of quality as RankBoostup. Their advanced features help you to Rank better even on mobile devices.

You can choose your social media platform from where you need traffic. You can specify the percentage of visitors who should be directed to another page on your website or who should click a link on that page. This lowers bounce rates, which are a key aspect in determining the quality of traffic in algorithms. You can set the time for visitorslike, how long you want them to stay


  • You can choose no of hits per day
  • Get the desired targeted audience
  • Pick and choose what keyword you want to rank
  • Auto-surf browser help you to earn as many points as you want


  • Unlimited traffic is only provided in premium plans
  • Difficult payment methods

No 3: is one the best traffic exchange website. There are two ways to advertise on this site email exchange and traffic exchange. This option is self-serviced, and your main purpose is only to get more visitors to your website.

You’ll need two Gmail email addresses to join Herculist. They recommend Gmail since it enables better email delivery. In an email exchange, you get offers in a mailbox and email other members, while in traffic exchange, your ads watch by many visitors.


  • Earn 35% commission on referral programs
  • You can adjust the timer for a stay on the website
  • The bonus of $5 on sign-up


  • You get so many emails in a single day
  • Need separate email account for the spam
  • Get a premium membership to get vacation mode

Hitleap – Best Free Traffic Exchange:

If you are running an online business then you must need ample traffic to your site. Hitleap is the best auto-surf traffic exchange website which provides a fast and cheap way to bring the visitor to your site. Here you have to visit the site of others, earn credits which later use to bring visitors to your site. Unlike other websites first, you have to download and install a software named Hitleap viewer which helps their users to visit other websites and earn visitors back to their sites.

If you don’t want to waste your time on surfing then it gives you the option of buying traffic for your site this is the fastest way to grow traffic to your site. They also offer a referral system so you earn money by inviting people for this site.

If someone who joins through your link buying traffic or upgrading their membership then you will earn up to 25%. You can withdraw your cash through PayPal but only if your account balance is at least $5.

Otohits – Free Traffic Exchange:

Otohits is a free traffic exchange service with a unique engine which works 24 hours no matter how many users are connected with them. Here you are capable to add your sites which offer a good surf and in constant watching to delete blocking websites.

If you are successful to add your site now owner provides auto surf through which you earn credits. After starting you have to stay on auto surf you spend your enough time on auto surf to earn points that credits your sites and others can easily see your sites. The site is completely free users can enjoy all their options without spending any money.

SmileyTraffic – Best Traffic Exchange:

About  197175 members are registered with this website so it can quickly produce a higher audience. This site allows you to promote your referral URL. Credits re-selling is automatically terminated, for free members payout is $20.00 users can take out their payment between 1-72 hours. They allow rotators. For manual and auto surf only one pop up is allowed.

FeelingSurf – Top Exchange Traffic:

About  50,000+ users use this traffic exchange website and have increased the overall traffic on their sites. It provides simultaneous surfing from several locations. This site comes with a French-oriented page having a modern interface.

The duration of surfing time for each visitor on this site is about 10 to 60 seconds. This allows you to choose maximum credits which you are desirous to allocate to a site per hour or per day. This site provides you, unique visitors, in 24 hours or in some days by eliminating repeated visitors. They also provide pay to click which means that the members can earn by clicking ads

eBesucher –  Best Traffic Exchange Network.

eBesucher is a program for auto surf and mail exchange that pays their users for surfing the websites, reading emails, and by referring to others. They claim that users can earn passive income through this method if they do a little effort.

They get payment from different companies and then pay their users for visiting the sites of their customers’ companies. The owners create new button names “surf now” by clicking this button new browser tab is open which tracks all the websites you have been visited.

This new tracker tab simplifies the programs. The points you earn can exchange into cash, on each month You can make up to $100. Besides this, they also provide the facility of referrals systems which can boost your earnings further. You will be paid 8% on direct referrals and 5% on indirect referrals.

EasyHits4u – Best Traffic Exchange Program:

This site is listed in top manual traffic exchanges having Ten lac members. This site provides unlimited earning.  It actually allows numbers of visitors to your link. On each visit you get one visitor back to your link, about 1000 visitors can visit your site daily the number of visitors may vary.

You can also make extra earnings through their referral program. It is overall a reliable platform for traffic exchange.

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