Venice Italy Vacation, No Pickup Trucks or Utility Vehicles, Just Boats

Need a vacation? or do you need a vacation from Pickup Trucks and Utility Vehicles, in fact a complete escape from all road traffic noise and pollution. There are no roads in Venice only canals, the Lagoon and boats. If you drive to Venice you will only get as far as the Piazzale Roma car park.

The Gondola is the most famous water transport, which is now mainly used as a romantic experience for honeymooning couples, in fact the first step to romance in Venice is to persuade your young lady to accompany you in a Gondola, who knows where it will all end.

The Vaporetti is the slower of the two types of Water Bus in Venice, route maps and time tables are located at the floating landing stages. You can buy single tickets but if you buy a pass you can have much more fun hopping from one boat to another to cram in as much sightseeing as possible before you have to go back home. Make sure that you validate your ticket or pass in the machine or eventually you will get fined. The Motoscafi the second type of Water Bus which uses the same tickets and passes is more like a power boat, you can stand on the side, hold the rail and experience a high speed circular tour of Venice.

The Water Taxi, a great idea if you have just won the lottery or need to part with a lot of money very quickly! but seriously you can just step off the plane at Marco Polo airport and the Water Taxi will take you out across the Lagoon, navigate the maze of canals and you will arrive at the hotel landing stage to be met by the hotel porter, just like they do in the films.

The Traghetti, this is a basic Gondola that acts as a ferry across the Grand Canal, not very romantic but if you can’t afford the real thing, this is for you.

All life in Venice revolves around boats, from restaurant and shop deliveries, to builders and garbage collectors, doctors and ambulances. A fantastic city to visit, Venice is full of history, monuments, churches and of course Italian ice cream shops, but that’s another story. We hope that you enjoy your time in Venice just as much as we have.

Source by Michael Shield