What Is an eParty?

Everyone knows of Party plan as it has been around for decades most notably starting with Tupperware in late 1940s. Party Plan is the process of a person inviting a group of friends over for a social gathering and having a consultant of the party plan company demonstrate its products. The host (or person that organized the party) will receive additional benefits of products depending on how many sales are made at the party. The consultant will also receive money and products for the amount of sales they make at a party.


An eParty is hosting a social gathering on the internet in the same format as a party plan gathering. A person will decide to have party online and contact a consultant. The consultant will organize a place online to host the party and send out the link or code to the person organizing to distribute to their friends and family. There are 2 ways to host an eParty because of its online nature is accessible anywhere at anytime.

Extended Party

The extended party is where a host is given a code to distribute to guests. Over a set period of normally a week the guests can browse the consultants store and purchase anything. When they are checking out they will use the code given. At the end of the week the host is given an amount of sales done using the code and the rewards are given. The rewards will normally entail a certain amount of cash to spend at the store.

Interactive Party

The interactive party is where a host and its guests will be all in the same location online in a chat room or similar online software. The host will talk about the


With either model of online party it is easy to see that it is

  • More convient
  • Reach a larger audience
  • More relaxing environment


With most common online parties in just a chat room there can be a few disadvantages

  • Some products are only best sold when they can be touched, tasted, smelt or felt.
  • Shipping can be an issue if the products can not be distributed by the host as the people are located in many distant locations.

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